Full Colour LED Screen:


Monochrome LED Screen can me made to custom fit your Pylon Sign.

Monochrome LED Screen.(Red, Amber, Green or Blue)

Are you looking for an LED Screen?

LED Screens can only be install on Pylon signs until the City of Ottawa By-Law changes.

As for “To rent, or to own, THAT is the question.” (sorry!) 

In making the decision regarding  color, you must have great pictures and wording to display your ad properly and eye catching to car drivers.

Our Monochrome LED Screen comes with 2R Pixels  per module. (2 Red).

The Pitch and LED Spacing (Size of the LED itself)

From Metric to Inch conversion:

We sell: 10 mm = 3/8” , 16 mm = 5/8”, 19 mm = 3/4” and 22 mm= 7/8”


This means how many pixels wide and high the display is ( size of the cabinet)

Character Sizes: the smallest is usually 4” and max 2 to 3” smaller and the matrix itself and that
All depends of how many character you will be displaying at one time.

Wording Display is a 16mm pixel our Standard.

All our screens come with software and it will be installed. Our team will show your team or staff how it works and how messages and images can be entered for display.            

Your Screen can be communicated through wireless or hardwire.

Contact us for more details.