LED Retrofit - Converting from Neon to LED’s



This former neon Sign Letter(s) has its channel letter signs on a carrier box and these channel letters were originally made with neon tubing inside. Unfortuntely, neon tends to require numerous service calls after the first few years.
This can become quite costly. 

After servicing their neon sign many times, the owners decided to convert one of their signs to LEDs.

The sign always seemed to be flickering, buzzing, or just not staying lit. So we took out all the neon, GTO wires, old transformers, and existing wiring and replaced them with all new insides.

The sign now has white LED's, new wiring, and new transformers.

This LED retrofit will save the owner money with fewer service calls and lower electricity bills.
They are excited to have their sign working again.

LED's are taking over the neon industry! They work better, they are safer, and they save you money in the long run.
Yes, it might cost you a little more right now, but you will be happy you did it later!

LED's comes automatic with a 5 yr. warranty from our Suppliers.

As for the transformers the warranty is only for one year.

Call us to retrofit you channel letters today.