First Impression is everything. Signs are one of the primary means by which business communicates with the public.
After your location, your sign may be your biggest asset or weakness. Customers learn about your business, make
purchasing decisions and evaluate your products and services based on your signage and storefront.
Kennedy Signs & Graphics offers a wide range of services including custom sign designs, fabrications,
installation and maintenance services to meet your needs and budget. We have been around since 1995.


How to Proceed and get your Sign made:

1. Have a design or and Idea Ready
2. Get your Colors, logo's, cliparts whatever.
3. Question: Is it permanant or Temporary?
4. When do I want it done?
5. Request a Quotation Call: 613.723.9007 or email us.: ksgsigns@gmail.com

Our Mission:

Kennedy Signs & Graphics strives to produce a great product at a competitive price safely and on time.
We want our clients to feel good about the choice that they have made.

“At the end of the day we want you to feel good about what we have done”.